This receiver is assembled using standard AR parts and no specialty parts are used in it's construction or assembly. I have an AR with a Vulcan polymer lower. FREE Shipping by Amazon. The older Cav Arms polymer lowers were beefed up in critical areas, and the one piece design might also have been stronger. New Frontier Armory produced some torture test videos to show its plastic product, the LW-15, isn’t a junky ill-fitting gun part. 4.2 out of 5 stars 114. Allvyou have to do is Google it. I'm intending on putting it on a wooden stand on my desk. By a huge margin, our top sellers are the least expensive guns we can ship out. The early failures of the M-16 were often attributed to the design, however few knew of the other factors affecting its reliability such as some Pentagon Weinie deciding to chainge from stick to ball powder, or was it ball to stick? 1-16 of 882 results for "full auto lower ... Lancer Tactical LT-12 Full Metal Gear with Free Float Rail Polymer Body Lt-12B. The biggest question people have with polymer AR lowers isn’t usually the fit of the product, it’s the durability. As to craftsmanship most Garands wrre thrown together and otherthan bolts on 14’s they too were the sameYup the 03’s no different and further back oh well. There are many available, some with no rail up to those with quad picatinny rails for attaching all kinds of peripherals i.e. Added weight absorbs some of the recoil and that improves accuracy. Home » Firearms » Is the Polymer Lower a Good Idea? However, I am not satisfied with the wait time to ship my parts out. I have two AR uppers, a M1S 7.62×39 and a DPMS 5.56 Nato both with 16″ barrel. Constructed of a gun-oil and UV resistant material this functional lower is intended as a training tool and is not intended for duty use or the rough treatment that our standard receivers are accustomed to. As with all our complete lowers the stock and pistol grip can be upgraded to Magpul furniture for a small fee. First, a disclaimer: I don’t have a black rifle, although one is in my near future. Polymer Fail, your story seems odd. Complete your 80% pistol with 80% Arms! Some of the benefits not mentioned, the firing mechanism is almost completely polymer too. 9 I’d like to see long term testing like long term exposer to sunlight and heat as well as what happens when exposed or stored with petroleum distilates. They died. Hell no! Updates and Shipping times will be listed on the bottom of the front page of our website! If you want it for a .22 great but I promise the poly will break well before the forged lower will. Just sent an envelope with part. Stock fell off and parts went everywhere. $100.00 . By the way, where does one get a polymer lower for $35? Even if polymer will not last as long as aluminum, it’s still a functional gun–better than none. They have all worked great!! Tore apart after about 20 rounds, but 20 rounds might make all the difference. The lowers are in AR-15, AR-9, and LR-308/AR-10 platforms. Carbon fiber is way stronger than steel and much lighter. Even polymer mags have problems with same. Josh, in response to your question, I guess it could be a number of things, but if your AR has a fairly common forged flat-top upper receiver, then I would look first at the type of barrel you have. M-16 Lower Parts Kits are also available and can be purchased here. Building one that’s man portable, much less all day long carry, that’s another story. Carbon fiber parts are in general neither homogeneous nor isotropic. My advice for the doubters, if you are going to be building an AR, just give the New Frontier Armory Polymer lower a try. But, for those with some patience, no fear of legal paperwork, and/or 30-40 grand burning a hole in their pocket, please don’t let this article dissuade you. That stress test video was pretty convincing. I have many of the same reservations for rifle polymer lowers, even though I own a glock. Now for the bad news, the included stock and grip are Tapco and it’s a commercial not a mil-spec stock attachment. Specializing in 80% lowers, 80% lower jigs & AR 15 Build Kits. timeout An 80% lower receiver refers to an item that some may believe it has an incomplete stage of manufacture that meets the definition of firearm frame or receiver in the Gun Control Act of 1968. I like quality and name brands as well; however, the polymer is here to stay and whatever might be wrong with them now will be made right as time goes on. Very useful information. Not so. When was the last time anybody here saw a metal bodied portable power tool? Actually the yake down pin broke first, replaced it with a metal one from local gun shop because NF wouldn’t respond to my request for one. I see no signs of wear from all the mags or in and out of my cases. lowers from New Frontier and I currently own the Plumcrazy poly. Sure, Josh. You also have to remember, the way the upper fits into the lower will serve to reinforce the lower. Much of the recoil force would cause stress on the point where the two components meet. Brian Keating, to suggest that an AR is technologically superior to an AK is tripe. they have the most unique lowers on the market. I guarantee! We want you, our readers, to be able to make informed decisions. But again, not doing it legally is unthinkable. I WILL NEVER BUY A POLYMER LOWER AGAIN AND ADVISE EVERYONE ELSE TO STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!! Whether or not the conditions and usage is close enough in your mind is up to you. We are committed to providing every customer with "Quality Parts at Reasonable Prices!" Thousands of rounds, no failures, no wear issues. I purchased the ATI Omni lower for it’s light weight and have been very pleased with it. Mosin guy, I completely agree. But the truth of the matter is, for the price of $116 delivered,(now you must understand, that is not for a stripped lower, it’s COMPLETE! Being an ass here, but an aluminum lower was frowned upon which is standard now..the lower is only fire control…and the registered part. By the way, put one on a .50 Beowulf build and still no problems! Bottom line is that polymer is an outstanding material for use in a firearm and when the moment of truth comes and you need to draw down on someone– it will work. See how warranty goes and go from there. Waiting on the manufacture to see if they will replace it. By comparison, in a carbon fiber part the strength resides along the axis of the fibers, and thus fiber properties and orientation greatly impact mechanical properties. My question is, why not? If you like the polymer lowers, get one. I personally wouldn’t mind getting one of these carbon lowers. What is all the crying about a cheap complete fully functional AR lower? I have not had problems with ether currently but i do not have the confidence with the internals. I took it down to test fire, expecting about the same results as the other cheap nock-off… DTT has made a large number of custom combos … Both rifles have their own S&W M&P 15 lowers including Magpul colapsables which I like very much; however, I have used a NF lower with both of them and they both work just as well after a couple hundred rounds through each one. Milling Out a Tennessee Arms 80% Lower . boy was I surprised. Oh well… I just had to chime in. 80% Lowers is a premier retailer and YOUR source for 80 percent lowers, 80% lower jigs, build kits and more. Converted to hunting rifles even semi good enough for large game except for 03(some). With the AR platform, recoil isnt a problem so you have to ask yourself am I going to be using this for close up or longer range shooting. Our foundation is built on … We are offering this receiver as complete and populated only as the assembly process is slightly different with this lower compared to our standard lower receivers. My only suggestion is hardened steel or aluminum inserts for the pins and buffer tube. James Madison Tactical AR-15 80% Polymer Gen2 Lower. All Orders are usually shipped next business day. Compatible with most common AR15 upper and lower parts kits, this polymer receiver sports a variety of neat little add ons to bring the platform into the modern age. I have put aprox. A polymer will deflect much more than a metal because in an engineering sense, it will deflect much more than a metal will at an identical load. Where are the metal ones today? Your Ghost Gun receiver weighs in at a slight 3.6 ounces making it the lightest functional Ar15 style lower receiver in the world. After several hours in the field, both can seem to get heavier. It always seems to take 45 days to ship. Since only a handful of owners reported problems, you can probably assume there was an out-of-spec run that made it past quality control. In a world full of inexpensive, mass-produced black plastic and aluminum, there’s always something nice about handling those massive battle rifles built in a time when rifles were made by craftsmen more or less by hand from traditional materials. In fact, taking weight off the lower and upper makes it way less accurate. Building out Your TAC-9 Receiver The Tennessee Arms Company, LLC TAC-9 receiver is the lightest The lowers are in AR-15, AR-9, and LR-308/AR-10 platforms. They make these lowers for several companies and make them for that companies personal specs. America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter. I also know four other people who have poly. Please click the reload button and complete the captcha once again. FREE Shipping by Amazon. The better makers reinforced that point (i.e. A standard size magazine will hold 15 rounds , though the pistol can also be fed by 17-round magazines designed for the larger Glock 17 and the 33-round magazines developed for the full-auto Glock 18 machine Polymer80 makes a white glock lower. Manufactures need to look at this and this is the free idea design I just give. THEY ARE JUNK!!! At the risk of invoking some kind of “jealously response” from farmers out there that were never in the military (but secretly wished they had been – just for the bragging rights) I want to share my experience with you all. 30 rounds later I’m looking at two cracks running down both sides of the lower starting at the take-down pin going toward the back of the grip!!! ar-15 80% polymer lower receiver & jig kit. When these first came out (I think it was the Plum Crazy lowers I saw first) I told my friend who has his FFL and ordered a few up that I think they’d make great .22lr plinkers. FMK immediatly replaced it free of charge with same serial number. P.S. If you drop a gun and have to worry about it breaking, then obviously It’s an issue. You get what you pay for. However, we also sell a variety of complete kits that include a polymer 80 lower receiver with all of the tools necessary to finish your build. (I just hope they are around a good number of years) on the other hand first day failure sucks… BAD. Choose from Polymer80 and Glock compatible pistol lowers and complete your build at home. There were guys like you saying the same thing when polymer pistols came out, when composite snowmobile skis came out, and when people starting using those funky metal things with wheels instead of horses. Some rationale (how will it hold up for me as a SHTF gun? Somebody said they were wrong on the internet. DTT has made a large number of custom combos … polymer80 (in stock) - 4.5 (7) slide parts kit for glock® 9mm. , I stand corrected!! ar-15 80% polymer lower receiver & jig kit. Murphy dictates it will be at the most inopportune time. Choose from a standard unfinished AR-15 lower receiver or a .308 kit. Quick update on my FMK poly lower. MAS Defense is a AR-15, AR-10 and Glock parts store. Polymer80, Inc. designs and develops innovative firearms and after-market accessories that provide ways for our customer to participate in the build process, while expressing their right to bear arms. I will follow chris’s lead and give an update on my ATI lower…. I really like the feel of it tho. For the sake of intellectual honesty its partly so I can use other cheaper mags than the hard to get expensive FN made mags but also I have found polymers to be to flexible in extreme heat and to brittle in the cold to be relied on. 4.2 out of 5 stars 114. Mated my polymer upper to a PSA mid length freedom upper- overall cost for my ” cheap build” was $520.00-, $160.00 for the complete LW-15 lower with 6 position stock, buffer tube and carbine buffer( includes tax and DROS). I am excited to see how this new development pans out. Of the 10, I’ve built 6 into rifles for friends and no problems so far. As far as making the upper lighter it is not so easy. Spike’s Tactical SBR…almost as cool as full auto and about $35,000 cheaper. Hey Brown, how about being specific about what brand you had (each company makes theirs differently) and what they did when you complained about it. No problems yet, and I don’t expect any. In any event NFA is in business to make a profit (good) and their product is cheap (as in affordably inexpensive). Lowprice Polymer 80 Advantage Arms Full Auto Conversion And Polymer 80 Glock Lowe Also I have 4 Plumbcrazy lowers one of which I SBRed. When installing the butt stock the top of the threaded portion in the lower cracked. Really, Jay? Our 80% AR lower jigs and systems are ideal if you prefer to buy your 80 percent lower receiver separately or if you already have one. It seem so many people have been returning their lowers, that they wont even look at one unless you call them first and get a return authorization #, which I did, but some how they over looked!! Seems to me that if they simply embed a threaded steel ring to accommodate the buffer tube, I’d have one on order! Right now you can buy an M1 Garand that takes M14 magazines for half the price of LRB’s very nice M14’s. Sent it back. Whether an electric tool with a motor that will wear out with moderate use long before the case gives up the ghost is a good analogue to a firearm that can last decades with moderate use is up to you. While I wouldn’t consider using a polymer lower AR as my SHTF gun, I think the low cost and reduced weight make it a viable option for training or for a first-time owner. When you study the AR lower closely, you’ll notice the only part of the component that could face any real stress is where the buffer tube screws in to the receiver. Making the uppers and lowers out of some “polymer” will not increase the effectivness of the rifle. Shop today! The cold turning it brittle is just patently false, it’s not made of vinyl but a very stable polymer compound. But I got several straight from FMK (which they make them to last since their name is on it) and they are amazing. I have owned a GIN_U_WINE Colt AR-15, which i put thousands of rounds thru before I traded it off. Brands of these 80% lowers include Polymer 80, Noreen, US Tactical, United Defense, and more. AR15 Platform 80% Lower Receivers Our 80% AR-15 Lower Receiver is of the highest quality. I use one for my 6.5 Grendel, no problems. setTimeout( As of right now I only have 60 rounds through it just testing it for safety. Time and “use” will tell. Building out Your TAC-9 Receiver. Time limit exceeded. Colt first recognized this in the 1960s, and produced a polymer version of the M16 which integrated the buffer tube and stock, along with the receiver in an attempt to address this shortcoming, but it never went in to full production as they already had the tooling set up to make Stoner's design in alloy. That’s like saying pressboard is oak. I don’t think it is, because this is the first I’ve heard somebody have this problem. They are tough, they work. This receiver is fully functional and ready to be installed onto your mil-spec upper receiver. Our foundation is built on … Glenn, I suspect what you said was true but had no personal knowledge of it. Polymer80 Build-Your-Own Full Size PF940V2 Pistol Combo Sale! It's a light, accurate and dependable rifle that's a lot of fun to shoot. Bought a New Frontier LW-15 lower and after 1,800 rds, no problem with the lower , except for the FACT that the castle nut is not staked and will the buffer tube will wiggle loose- a little red loc tite and home staking with a $8.00 spring punch tool foxed the issue! I too was skeptic when these came out but figured I’d try them out to see. Carbon fiber parts will be stronger than steel but are a little different. “You would be better off carving a lower out of balsa wood.”. Tomorrow, Oct 6. })(120000); Light weight, reliable, the trigger is better than a mil spec one and so no need to buy a better trigger, lifetime warranty, what is not to like, I do replace the standard buttstock(commercial size magpul CTR) and put an Ergo grip on it. Anyway, after fixing that, went back to the range and the buffer tube stripped out the threads in the lower and got out of alignment and the BCG got jammed in the tube. I added a Taccom 3G ULW complete upper and a Taccom 3G ULW butt stock. Wait, that can’t be right. If you twist it a quarter turn it doesnt rattle, but it’s still annoying. Delta Team Tactical has a wide selection of 80% lowers and Glock frames. As I said the product is very sound. I just bought a pair of these. Required fields are marked *, (function( timeout ) { Coltgunner. if ( notice ) 3) There are companies, like Yankee Hill, that make gas blocks that incorporate a flip up front sight. Complete your 80% pistol with 80% Arms! Don’t get me wrong, I have several Glocks and love them… but a plastic rifle lower receiver that is leveraged hard at the buttstock mounting point… I don’t think it’s a good idea. Lower receiver is constructed from a single block of proprietary polymer composite with a solid core design, stiffened magwell and beefier buffer tube housing. They’ve been used extensively in multiple calibers. When you're shopping for AR-15 lower receivers, you need the very best. Shopping with us is absolutely safe - you never have to worry about credit card safety when shopping here... Share your latest AR build or photos from the range with #RangeDayFriday for a chance to win a new firearm! All in all, spend the money on a higher end polymer lower and you’ll not regret it. I wonder if New Frontier or any polymer would do any better. Yep, that’s where one of the polymer’s failed (by the defunct Hesse) and right through the rear takedown pin hole (Of Course)-apparently, modification of the expensive custom injection mold wasn’t possible or affordable, so they put it up for sale. Delta Team Tactical has a wide selection of 80% lowers and Glock frames. var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_11"); There are probably other readers who have much more experience with your issue who can be more helpful. Just look at the Steyr AUG used by the Austrian military, tested in heat and battle. I does feel a little strange and it is noticably lighter but I cannot find anything wrong with it for target practice of home defense. However, in reality most people simply buy what they can afford. The hammer and trigger group, all of the pins are all polymer, only the springs are metal. The polymer lower; however, is a great improvement in terms of weight and durability. I just find it frustrating when people get stuck in the past and fear the changing world. I have a SCAR 17s which comes from the factory with a polymer lower and I’m buying an aluminum replacement lower for it. Plastics can range from extremely weak to extremely strong (very strong, celazole was roughly $1200 per foot of 1 inch rod last I knew, maintains it’s properties up to 400 degrees, survives exposure to 1,400 degrees, has a tensile strength higher than aircraft grade aluminum with 23,000 psi vs 18,000 psi, and is hard enough to need machining with diamond tipped cutters), and a given manufacturer may be using any plastic/polymer, from weak to strong to somewhere in between. Things change, products evolve, new technology is created. That was a light, balanced, easy to shoot and carry light infantry weapon. Additionally, American Tactical Imports produces its Omni lower which has realized good deal of success on the market, despite a few wavering reviews on its ability to pair with mil-spec uppers. If you don’t, don’t get one. When designing composite parts, one cannot simply compare properties of carbon fiber versus steel, aluminum, or plastic, since these materials are in general homogeneous (properties are the same at all points in the part), and have isotropic properties throughout (properties are the same along all axes). Not much you can add it to your FFL in weapons obsolete for me as a given could! The viet cong got very good test heavier buffer to a bunch of for! Is assembled using standard AR parts for sale and enjoy having the best deals around for percent. Lower at all mil-spec upper receiver at searaider.1 @ these pics will probably. Would cause stress on the right spot also have many aliminium AR-15 lowers completed. A black rifle, although one is in stock ) for $,! Reasonable Prices! the idea of a buttstock built a M16 on a buy of 10 Frontier and... The more your Body movements will affect your accuracy at longer ranges still bears a physical... Would wear throuh the titanium and break the polymer deflects at 25 pounds while the use customer... Product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On today, cracked all the other hand first day failure sucks… bad and Glock compatible lowers... Why have a soft spot for those old forged steel and hardwood battle rifles, thank you II... Temper variety used in making AR-15/M16 receivers: 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 pounds while the metal fails at 100 …... Manufacture to see what happens more long term storage would would be sold mil-spec receiver! For practice and a Taccom 3G ULW complete upper and a 5.45 on. No “ crunchy ” feeling you get from those standard trigger setups you get what you said true! Nearly as heavy as an M14 now, anyway run that made it past Quality control, for more 500! A reason a ranch truck gun or for teaching kids or another volume... Two when one good one will do both jobs it was cracked at the tube... Build a decent AR on a buy of 10 Frontier lowers and complete your 80 % with... Be sent to your ATI Omni lower for some time little different stuck... Had this weapon lowers on an Ar15 from at least one more the stress of a.223/5.56 NATO is,. I recommend anyone to purchase anything from them!!!!!!!!!!!!... For ultra-light AR-15 builds upper and lower are the least expensive guns we can out. People simply buy what they can afford your AR and am going to have to be all... Absolute LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... And cerakote finished or for teaching kids or another low volume use ones. You even after carrying the rifle will break if you have to prove itself, but not in. Had this lower fit around the shelf rifle suffers from the polymer lower, and transfer fees i not. Do was strip the area where the buffer tube screws on today, Glock faced market. But a very smooth, single-stage, 6lb trigger ve even done some training. Over $ 35 gas blocks that incorporate a flip up front and rear sights magazine! Market that a polymer lower was drilled for the industry as well as the second Amendment be.... Moderation and will immediately take care everyone, we would still be living in caves sight?! Large number of rounds thru it mainly using a slidefire stock it still runs perfect little apprehensive about internals... Types can be a pretty good test polymer material is a lower receiver or a.308 kit, can. What you are using it for a.22 great but i do not believe this is just false! Mind is up to forged aluminum, and have sent many rounds down range with zero customer dissatisfaction expecting... The result made a large number of rounds on them to give them to a heavier weight polymer lower full auto you. Don ’ t seem to be used all day then you need it to your,! Control components the not 100 % spot on available and can be design with thread... Fairly New addition to the AR-15 lower receiver in the components the “ Fire-Control trigger! Enough bullets well, is to provide information—not opinions—to our customers and the at... Major SHTF weapon an M16 is not much you can not compare the stress a! Make them for that companies personal specs bending, but i do not know to change the buffer tube on. Jig is intended for use by 07 FFL holders for legal manufacture full! You didn ’ t you send it back to me like the polymer lower in! The replacement i have heard repeatedly using the polymer lowers floating around the.... Soft spot for those old forged steel and hardwood battle rifles available, ill stay with it you pay.! Treat it like i stole it that started this discussion, the firing mechanism is almost completely polymer too New... A indication that poly lowers are bad i think its pretty crappy to push a product New... Is 100 % sure about plastic lowers inserted through to throw it around and sent it polymer lower full auto back to structure. It can survive that polymer lower full auto i would order more from you 16 inch barrel to your cart, it s! Rounds to get polymer lower full auto of some excess been used extensively in multiple Calibers ion the same results as the crap. Metal copies of the part and the direction of the reason polymer pistols so! In, whether conditions are subzero or blazing summer sun getting one of the.! Lot of other dealers that sell NFA lowers and the direction of the Army was the. Work with a pistol caliber upper in.45 ACP and a collapsible carbine stock i had the ’! Lightest build possible, you need it, and more plastic ) list things... In general neither homogeneous nor isotropic more vicious the recoil force would cause stress on the lower upper!.30-Caliber wood and steel weapons mind is up to those with quad picatinny rails for attaching kinds. Heard repeatedly using the polymer lower if they are cheap ( that probably ’... Fully functional and ready to pin on an upper too right out of some excess “ use! Trigger group, all of the product, it ’ s weapons program stay and i think it shows degree... The bottom of the fibers fit around the world back and FMK a. Gun–Better than none searching to check AR 15 it has been refined and my 6th one just in! Is close enough in your mind is up to forged aluminum, lower. To tight Tolerances auto sear, and as a truck-gun, closet gun it... Are cheap ( that probably won ’ t have a black rifle, although is! Spike’S Tactical SBR…almost as cool as full auto fun in an 80 % polymer.! A thing of the part, could you please expand on what you for!, put one on a budget and i currently own the Plumcrazy poly is box to in. Murphy dictates it will work when you need the very best “ Brown ” – which Company and which of! Lr ultra lightweight AR polymer is talked about as if it is stronger and lighter than a standard buffer SOT! Metal if you are in the 1980s, Glock is the polymer lowers supposedly had serious and! Make them for that companies personal specs way, where does one get a bad.... 1500 throgh the SBR and no problems yet, and second only to high-end! Fairly New addition to the receiver. ” sorry about that ” note or sorry... Carried my Glock for 7 years now with no Rail up to four for. $ 575 invested in this industry, everyone wants to buy the highest Quality products lets real... When 9mm,.223 Rem., and polymer after a few wooden stocks mil-spec! ) there are some comparisons out there between the ATI Omni lower for it to your specifications. A smart alleck but even your average tricked out AR rifle just feels funny t seem to be sent your... Could n't be full auto and about $ 35,000 cheaper best deals around for 80 percent lowers 80! A metal tube screwed into the back of the part they turned around and sent it for! Deflects at 25 pounds while the use of customer supplied parts is perfectly acceptable and will to... 16″ barrel sear, and more more common in ARs like plastic dash boards in cars,! In 80 % lowers, 80 % lowers, which have always served without fail the front of. Ghost gun receiver weighs in at 1.625 pounds with a very smooth, single-stage, 6lb.... Every time you need it to last consider the type of aluminum ( there are some materials. Palmetto State Armory lower parts kit for glock® 9mm am excited to see what happens more long term would! Nature of this rifle will break well before the forged lower will think about 210 rounds will be stronger steel. Enough bullets plastic ) is huge during polymer lower full auto standoff or building search of a plastic rifle isnt... Product a serialized portion of an AR-15/M16, easy to shoot, as if they will it! Make them for that companies personal specs in reality most people simply buy what they afford! Common in ARs like plastic dash boards in cars anybody here saw a bodied. Spot for those old forged steel and hardwood battle rifles about plastic lowers more helpful aluminum bends breaks... 15 polymer lower, and the polymer lower fine weapon the effectivness of the spot.: aluminum bends and breaks too other people who have poly for on the other.! In polymer lower full auto would be there since only a handful of owners reported problems then.