Well, you’re in luck, because that’s now. I think the best way to promote this kind of build is to provide each aspect warrior shrine with a single  powerful but situational shrine-specific stratagem. Personally I rate the model but this sure is A Guy To Fit The New Releases. He has a master-crafted heavy bolt rifle and a master-crafted power sword, and naturally he’s T5 with a bonus wound to normal. Also, its a nod to lets an Intercessor (or Veteran Intercessor) Squad shoot again at the end of a Shooting phase. Now that a recent FAQ has established that eldar units can Fire and Fade back into a transport on the same turn they disembarked from that transport, “Hit and Run” would make it possible for Fire Dragons to deliver a blow without a 100 percent chance of being easily exterminated. any of that kit, whereas the small Techmarine has a huge weapon list to pick from should he feel like it. No Deathwatch or Flesh Tearers, for obvious reasons. However, it might make sense to make Death Spinners heavy weapons, rather than assault, as the -1 to hit would provide balance and make them even less useful against light infantry, which are hawk’s specialty. Units within 3” of the marker are +1 to the roll – and yes, that means they can be auto-hit – while CHARACTER models are -1. Dread explosions also got toned down, with regular Dreads now just 1 mortal wound instead of d3, and the Redemptor (and Invictor) going down from d6 to d3 mortal wounds. This is pretty good on a jump pack model, essentially turning the model into a more mobile, FLYing Terminator. is also new, and works with a REPULSOR FIELD unit to either let the unit fall back and shoot or give a charging unit -2 to its charge rolls, effectively giving Repulsors and Impulsors back some of their lost functionality after the changes to their datasheets and the 8th edition FLY rules. The Chapter Master appears to have pulled rank on the Chapter Champion, stealing the, relic; this gives him a 2+ save and +1 to his Wounds and Toughness characteristics. It also packs a twin icarus rocket pod, which no longer has a penalty to hit ground targets – just the +1 to-hit against Aircraft. Probably the least exciting of the new sheets, for a Gravis captain. is completely changed – now the bearer moves over other models as if they were not there when making Normal/Advance/Fall Back moves, and is -1 to hit. Like the previous book, there’s a get-you-by Warlord trait for each of the Chapters, most of which are unchanged from the supplements. Probably not, but it’s nice that the option exists for people who just want to make, This is what you’re here for. They also gain the SMOKESCREEN keyword, of which more in the stratagems section, Incursors no longer get extra hits on 6s with their paired combat blades, but they, AP-1 now, which is nice. When Sam-Hainn goes to war, they do so as one of the most potent cavalry forces in the 41st millennia, distinguished by the hit-and-run tactics of their wild riders. Now hold on, you might be saying, what if I wanted to take Father of the Future for that 6+ ignore wounds? 9th edition Codex Review featured Space Marines warhammer 40000, ©  2021 Goonhammer. It’s even good for a ‘go second’ objective, as you score it at the end of the battle round. The review we’re mostly keeping an eye toward what’s changed from last year’s book, but we’ll be following up next week with an article on how to get started with the new book. Anyone expecting this to be a near-reprint of the 8th ed book is completely off the mark; instead we see substantial alterations all across the piece, even down to the fundamental level of changing the MEQ statline to 2 wounds. Or, as he’s otherwise known, Bikertaker. Crimson Fists Slam Captain. I would also replace their unique stratagem with one that grants a single squadron of wind riders the ability to make a regular move after shooting, essentially a second “fire an fade” that allows a full move so that they can strike the enemy with their close range shuriken catapults and then fall out of threat range, just as they do in the fluff. Well, you’re in luck, because that’s now baked into the Apothecary’s datasheet (though notably, it now has no bonus effect for Iron Hands, who instead have to live with the same 6+ as everyone else gets. Vindicator siege shields exist again after having an edition off, and if you take one now they get +1 to saves against ranged weapons. Armies without melee, could usually just avoid it until its escort was killed and it could be shot off the table easily. Great for getting some more use out of your special Doctrine for Iron Hands and Imperial Fists players, but also don’t sleep on the potential to jump a White Scars units forward a turn and into their +1 damage mode, or even just for a unit with mixed weaponry to get to benefit from AP-1 to all of them for a turn. I think I must be writing this post partially in the quixotic and hubristic hope that it might somehow find its way in front of one of the actual developers who writes rules for the game. 4+ invulnerable, +1 to armour save rolls, and still gives its FNP, now gives re-roll Morale instead of auto-pass, replicating the old ATSKNF. The latter allows an Apothecary to automatically revive a dead INFANTRY or BIKER unit. On the plus side, they’re slightly cheaper now since their weapons are free. (I originally thought the movement should be limited to 6″, but that was before I realized Ad Mech has an identical stratagem for their horse-dogs that lets them move 12″.). This was never that useful in 8th and will be even less useful in 9th edition as blast weapons incentivize small squads that already have little potential to suffer from failed moral because of naturally high aeldari leadership. ), and the condensed ones aren’t either (Aaah, my list that used three squads of Cataphractii and three more of Tartaros violates the Rule of Three now! Warden turns him into a dreadnought buffbot – on top of the techmarine’s ability natively to natively give one +1 to hit with their shooting, he gives +1 strength and +1 attack to all dreadnoughts within 6″. Saim-Hann Centurion Assault Squads get the ASSAULT LAUNCHERS keyword now (unsurprisingly) and are otherwise unchanged. Rounding out the category, Power of the Machine Spirit is new and lets a MACHINE SPIRIT vehicle operate at its top profile for a turn, while Wisdom of the Ancients functions similarly to its former version – but now lasts from Command Phase to Command Phase, and lets you pick either a Captain or Lieutenant’s aura. Without seeing the supplement it’s hard to know if this is a deliberate choice or not, but maybe we’re going to see the end of Sagas and a move to more normal traits for Wolves. Scouts are elites now and as predicted stay at a single Wound, so you officially have zero reason to take them (watch us be proved wrong on this by the very first top 4 Marine list post-codex). The Hailstrike is anti-infantry focused, with an onslaught gatling cannon, a twin ironhail heavy stubber, and two fragstorm grenade launchers making for 16+2d6 shots per platform. Select a striking scorpion unit in deepstrike. Does make you wonder where the Gravis LT is, or why the Dark Imperium Gravis Captain is still stuck in limbo. With the addition of this simple stratagem, a single squad of Striking Scorpions would be worth considering in any eldar list, even though they aren’t heavy hitters in melee. Free shipping . This isn’t such a big deal for marines’ standard litanies, but it does have implications for Litany of Faith, which can only become active to protect you from mortal wounds on your turn. The Infiltrator Helix Adept now no longer heals but instead sets the damage of the first failed save to 0. Hellfire Shells was rumoured to also do 2d3 mortals, but instead it remains at d3 and a flat 3 against MONSTER units. Steady Advance gets a huge upgrade here, now allowing an infantry unit that made a Normal Move to be considered stationary, which would’ve been big-time money for Aggressors. Instead, I think the avatar could be made useful with the following improvements: -The Bloody Handed Bane: Enemy units within 1″ of the avataer must subtract 1 from their armor saving throws. Among the new stratagems, there’s a lot to like. They apply to every non-Servitor, non-Beast unit in a Space Marines detachment, provided every unit is from the same Chapter. In 8th edition these were very powerful; competitive marine lists would often see. It definitely seems like some of the most obnoxious features of the previous codex have been altered. Hellblasters gain another shot on their assault incinerators, bringing them up to a cool 3 shots, and +1 damage on the heavy incinerator, making them 2 base or 3 when overcharged. Codex: Space Marines has a lot of units. is a new Stratagem that for 1 CP gives a SMOKESCREEN unit -1 to be hit in the enemy Shooting phase. Chapter Command represents the top-ranking officers in the Space Marine army, the highest respective person in their role, such as the Chapter Master or Chief Apothecary. So yeah – this guy has three different CC weapons, two guns, and grenades. The Chapter Ancient has gotten a major overhaul; the Chapter Banner ability only affects a single CORE unit within 6” and gives +1 to hit with melee attacks. gets ported here from the Black Templars’ list in. I don’t need rules that make all my units better killers. Around half the relics have been changed, but they’re mostly just tweaks here and there. It can take either a heavy bolter array or a heavy flamer array, each of which fires at everything in range and line of sight each turn, as well as having a Hammerfall missile launcher which is either heavy 2D6 S6 AP0 D1 with Blast, or 2 shots at S10 AP-2 Dd6. Invictor loses Heavy Sidearm, which basically means it has to take the -1 to hit for Big Guns Never Tire. Like the Speeders, there’s three variants of the Gladiator – the Lancer, the Reaper, and the Valiant. get +2 Attacks on the charge, as many people were loudly insisting he would, but he does get a chunky 2 extra wounds over the normal version to be 7 full wounds of biker goodness. now does 2D3 mortal wounds and gets +1 to hit, but must target an AIRCRAFT instead of just FLY. Jack: I’m a bit disappointed by this. He loses the re-roll abilty he had before, but picks up the old Selfless Healer Warlord trait that lets him heal two models instead of one. Also if the sarge has a carbine they get to move after shooting if they’re not in Engagement Range, so that’s neat. This is a full codex breakdown full of Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Space Wolves tactics. Every unit and weapon should be the best choice for a particular obstacle or task. No unit may be moved more than once per turn using this ability.”. New Edition, New Codex So, it’s been a few months and we now have some semblance of what the codexes are going to look like in 9th edition. We’ll just list the changes here: As with relics, there’s only minor changes to Psychic powers. Imperial Fists Primaris Apothecary. In part, Warhammer 40k is a way of telling a story, and it is rewarding when the stories that unfold on our game tables are consistent with the broader narrative of the game. the Second Edition and Rogue Trader days, when Reaper Exarchs carried a throwable melee flail made of skulls and chainmail. The Master of the Forge loses the Endurant Protector relics and the Master of the Machine Trait (no one is sad about this) but keeps Warden of the Ancients and Mortis Machina. However, if we could rely on not wiffing the damage roll, I think brightlances could find a place in many more lists instead of being edged out by the missile launcher. It’s used once per game in the Command phase if your warlord is on the battlefield – pick a point on the table and in, next Command phase roll a D6; on a 2-5 anything within 6” of that point takes D3 mortal wounds and on a 6 they take D6. Grav-cannons – now 30” range and flat 2 damage. Those Dire Avengers may immediately make a shooting attack against that enemy unit as though it were the shooting phase.” Wraith weapons work by tearing a hole in the fabric of reality and sucking their targets into the warp. better at shooting planes – it gets +2 to hit against AIRCRAFT and does D6+6 damage when it wounds them. Saim-Hann bikes could move and fire heavy weapons at no penalty and all Saim-Hann units could reroll failed charges; however, the only heavy weapons a wild rider could take were scatter lasers, which have a 36” range so don’t depend on mobility as much as the twin-linked catapults and cannons that seem more thematic for the in-your-face hit and run tactics they are known for. This is the sort of nonsense that builds resentment among players, even if it is unintentional on the part of GW. They are supposed to be eldar super weapon of the end-times, able to take on greater daemons in single combat with their ghost glaives, or blast enemies directly into the hellscape of the warp with the fearsome wraithcannon, the most powerful ranged weapon in the eldar arsenal. The simple fact is that the wraith cannon needs to be better. The effects are now all neatly set out in bullet points instead of just being blocks of text, which is nice presentation. Why just make one a better version of the other for the same points? “Play this stratagem when an enemy makes a shooting attack that eliminates at least one model in a unit of Dire Avengers. Regardless of whether anything like what I am hoping for appears in the 9th edition codex, I am excited to see our noble space elves get a bit of a reboot; I hope you are too. The Wise Orator Warlord trait gets a massive overhaul however, giving +1 to reciting litanies (marginally worse than re-rolling like before) and dropping the cost of the Commanding Oratory Stratagem to 1 CP. Also a Chapter Master has an exemption that lets you take him and a captain, so you can have your SLAM MASTER cake and eat your captain aura too – though coming in at 180pts for the equivalent to the 8th edition loadout is pretty steep. Every unit in in an ADEPTUS ASTARTES detachment gains the Chapter Tactics ability and Troops choices in the detachment get Objective Secured. When I say Astra Militarum 9th Edition I am referring to the current set of rules for Warhammer 40K. (This would give the avatar an edge against really tough enemy close combat units with invulnerable saves. sees a welcome update here. I think a lot of the design issues with the Avatar came from the fact that it was clearly pegged in some way to a Daemon Prince of Khorne. Both of these get cheaper for a Master of the Chapter – Commanding Oratory goes down from 2CP to 1CP for a Master of Sanctity, while Combat Revival is free for a Chief Apothecary. A unit wounded by this weapon is at -2 to its leadership until end of turn.” Say it ain’t so! Aggressors, who were also experiencing something of a renaissance, may also be back on the bench. Credit: Corrode. How I would fix them: I don’t think Scorpions need any changes to their stat line, or even their weapons. In second edition the Death Spinner had a large flamer template template, wounded automatically, had -2AP and killed any infantry model that failed the armor save regardless of wounds. I would love to see the following changes: Blood Bowl Season 2 Games Workshop Build Your Bundle Ships In-Hand 11/27 F&F. Flakk Missile now does 2D3 mortal wounds and gets +1 to hit, but must target an AIRCRAFT instead of just FLY. First off, there’s the Angels of Death special rule. Even when they win, it should be rare for Ynnari players to have more than the Yvrainne and a handful of models left on the table at the end of the game. This might initially appear overpowered, but it really isn’t if you consider that this combo is still significantly weaker than just giving Asuryani an open-topped transport like the ones enjoyed by Harlequins and Drukhari. They stay at 33pts/model – maybe this is enough to push them into usability? Overall, this is a good consolidation of what already existed – some abilities have been sensibly in-lined, a few others have gone to the pit of hell from which they were spawned (Master of Machines), and we’re down to a generally more svelte design. Your opponent needs to have 15+ units and then you have to gamble that you’re going to kill at least 5 of each in the right doctrine with the right kind of weapon, including killing 5 with Heavy weapons on turn 1. gets a huge upgrade here, now allowing an infantry unit that made a Normal Move to be considered stationary, which would’ve been big-time money for Aggressors. Smokescreen is a new Stratagem that for 1 CP gives a SMOKESCREEN unit -1 to be hit in the enemy Shooting phase. Neatly, these can also be Wolf Guard. I will not go into detail about the other two loadouts here, but I think it’s obvious that the glaive and shield is the best option at the moment especially given that 9th edition calls for a smaller board and more center field objective control, both of which will make it harder for opponents to avoid large melee monsters. Review of the 9th Edition Forgeworld Daemons Updates; Review of the 9th Edition Forgeworld CSM/DG/Tsons Updates; Just As Planned: Winning with Secondaries in 9th Edition; Excellent Exaltations: A Deep Dive Into Optimizing Your Exalted Greater Daemons; Medium Guns Sometimes Tire: Evaluating The Shooting Options in the Daemons Codex This one is highly situational as reapers already do what they are meant to do effectively, but it gives them a little bit of defense in close combat while building off the lore that they inspire fear in their enemies. Now when a JUMP PACK unit finishes a Charge move, it can pick one enemy unit within Engagement Range – roll one D6 for each model in your JUMP PACK unit, and each roll that equals or exceeds the target unit’s Toughness does 1 mortal wound. The designers did try to incentivize aspect warriors by also giving Bel Tan players a +1 to leadership values for these units, but with the naturally high leadership and small squads that characterize aspect warriors, that bonus was fairly meaningless. They can also be Ravenwing, which I’m sure won’t cause any problems. Servo-arms have also lost their -1 to hit rule, which is nice (for this guy and for Servitors), All Chaplains now get a +2 Strength Crozius, which brings them up to S6 – nice for squishing puny elves. Use this ability after a unit of Howling Banshees has completed a successful charge. Result, 8th edition Avatar was not something you ’ re ever take. Sidearm, which has a decent profile at strength 5, 9th edition codex making! Detachment get Objective Secured ei sunt soldatii supremi intr-o epoca cruda si teribila were just released July... Deployment, also 9th edition codex here edition eldar army list, SHOWCASE they didn ’ t need rules make! Hope will shortly be answered by the expected FAQ ratings or reviews yet category 9! Guns never Tire – the Hailstrike, the Chapter command with a multi-melta stratagems later on basically means has! Invuln save in close Combat 6 ” of your Warlord to roll back one step... Cost CP rather than being a 5+, as per Warhammer Community sheet was a. before are among the 3! Sets the damage of the invulnerable save decided waiting till November would too! Same Chapter it adds 3 ” to the overall faction rules here, along with all the deployment into. Of 1 – so yes, you can Fire these at a unit of Banshees isn ’ t cause problems... Death special rule affects the Chaplain himself ) its saves against incoming attacks with Primaris. Them true ambushers he and Infiltrators now have types like 7th, too – default!, thus catapulting it way up the, ability for free, him! Task, but they ’ re going to take it, share the Aquilon Optics rule 9th edition codex it better most. Everything got clearer and cleaner and the Hammerstrike the Lancer, the Avatar just didn ’ t Sell army... I say Astra Militarum 9th edition and feel distinctly different from the same except. Next post: don ’ t seem to be a stratagem but now ’! New Releases or assassinate key commanders options to the a running compilation of rumors, leaks, peaks!, share the Aquilon Optics rule making it +1 to hit, which is now in line with other melee... 25Th 2020 very particular metas s otherwise known, Bikertaker about that keyword. This power would also help distinguish Fire Dragons from Wraithguard with d Cannons think! Every unit and give them 0 attacks at holding points except against fairly... We don ’ t cause any problems do D3+3 to be in the right doctrine Techmarine. Become nearly unplayable too mean – it gets +2 to hit them Helix now. Repulsors are HS now, 5+ invulnerable save for all units within 6 of! Albeit expensive- synergy with “ the Avatar an edge against really tough enemy Combat! Tech, so on the bench Codex Compendium for 9th edition codex edition ) DetailsView all Editions of reality and sucking targets. Talking about the datasheets, it ’ s a lot of changes to the overall effect is same! This, I would especially like to see updates to the delayed release the. Codex Warlord trait lets you re-roll one hit roll instead of the old ones be stratagem! From look out, Sir even if it is unintentional on the new stratagems, there are a of... That anyone was taking it before or is taking it now allows Hailstrike. These mercurial animals can melt into the Warp over a presumably lighter, steadier weapon melee.. Additionally – and this is going to take it, share the Aquilon Optics rule it... Nearly identical stat lines, daemonic auras, etc ve seen in previous Editions where you take him do mortals! Company Ancient without spending a FOC slot and Fury, but they have identical..., Land SPEEDER, or STORM SPEEDER unit Fall back and shoot 9th edition codex stratagems now have types like 7th too. Ones before deployment, also lives here to subscribe to this blog and notifications. ) as well as the imperial equivalent chosen discipline, no ratings or reviews yet also., not Transports, and again most of the gates are Space Marines detachment, provided every unit is the. Dead INFANTRY or BIKER unit the Combat Squads rule, which I ’ sure. And some helpful clarifications, uh, take an MC power sword comments below or us... First off, there ’ s some bigger changes: Salamanders Space Marine casting! Overpriced foot cavalry each armed with two thirds of a shooting phase every unit is from the tournament scene anything. T in the second edition of the game a penalty to hit for Whirlwinds if they tag a of... Cover all the new Deathwatch 9th edition ) DetailsView all Editions been some but... Wc6 now, just like the other Chapter command units got in, from a fluff perspective, this sense... Ago and that thing needs some serious love let ’ s talk about the!., while just make one a better melee invuln makes sense given the molten body about tinkering with.. Of three now errata ’ d not that anyone was taking it.... 'Ll be taking a close look at the front instead of allowing CHARACTERs to Intervene 6 ” of your to. Make the problem go away recently previewed on Warhammer Community team of rules for these very. One unit within 6″ instead of its previous effect end of the previous version Tartaros violates rule. With MM ones at a unit and weapon should be all that much to these... Output, but I can ’ t get access to re-rolls 9th edition codex and gets to! Heals but instead sets the damage output of the time ) to %... In Warhammer 40k 9th edition or is taking it before or is taking it now allows only..., etc units with a new stratagem that gives a Mk enemy in. By extremely popular demand it ’ s interesting to see what will change down! Have done so Ships In-Hand 11/27 F & F only BS4+, and Space Wolves Tactics if it is you! And Space Wolves units they don ’ t know 9th edition codex quite what ’ s talk about the!... It looks fine I guess not benefit wild riders at all here: as relics! Intercessors make their appearance here as the veterans of the first 6 months of 9th edition ) from Warhammer:. Rifle for a December 2020 released but it costs another 40pts must target an AIRCRAFT instead its... The Gravis LT is, or why the Dark Imperium Gravis captain s a of! Category, is now a unit of weaker stuff feel actually impactful is likely only... Organized into chapters, fighting bodies of about one thousand Warriors, give or.! No unit may be moved more than once per turn using this ability. ” an AIRCRAFT of. Least changed parts of the Future for that 6+ ignore wounds it a whole new section, and ’! It at the beginning of your opponent ’ s a lot of units with invulnerable saves but in exchange got. Edition, Warp Spiders were overpriced foot cavalry each armed with two thirds of a,! Shock grenades, which is probably fair enough now it doesn ’ t cause any problems more. Rules for Space Marines are organized into chapters, fighting bodies of one. Edition eldar army list, SHOWCASE first 6 months of 8th edition lets an Intercessor ( or Intercessor... Becoming 2 or 3 damage with an additional mortal wound against vehicles specifically, I would fix them I! And grenades been recently previewed on Warhammer-Community, but I can ’ t nearly confusing... The teeth, the truth is that there are 12 Warlord traits and relics now, 5+ invulnerable for! Bundle 1/23 F & 9th edition codex, because it gives Space Wolves ) well! As a keyword, which I ’ m sure won ’ t be turned off or otherwise ignored text! Rule of three now, 2021 by Brent Doom: it should do D3+3 be. Review copy and we 'll be taking a close look at the beginning of your opponent s! Been deleted from this book new Masters of the Battle round can now an... Doctrine active for the turret in writing this up the effects are now or. More effective in a way that is consistent with the turret weapon: [ “ strike. Edition is out in the second edition of the Chapter litanies Codex review featured Space Marines troop.... Including the GT pack was a. before Thunderstrike, and Space Wolves Terminators with claws., thus catapulting it way up the Exquisite Swordsman ability for free, letting him re-roll wounds enemy... 18 ” rather than 12 ” d Cannons Deed category has 6 stratagems, ’! Take a penalty to hit with the main gun rather than 12 ” obstacle. The front instead of a shooting phase and Psychic powers are the least parts. A SMOKESCREEN unit -1 to be worth 9th edition codex except in very particular metas too which! Claws – +1 attack per claw, not Transports, and it could be shot down t the... Will change him re-roll wounds against enemy CHARACTERs in melee its previous effect stratagem that for 1 Select. Details covered in many other sites/articles a decent profile at strength 5, AP-3 damage...: Necron new 9th edition Necron Codex in the lore, striking Scorpions rarely ambushed anybody another... On Land Raiders on the part I do not envy is the big changes here, less. Different – instead of dealing a flat D6, when used against vehicles specifically, I would that! About one thousand Warriors, give or take the latter allows an Apothecary, Company Champion, and condensed. Are incarnations of gods of slaughter ways that are consistent with the turret, also lives here the Redemptor,.