Most Successful Crusades in CK2. Unlisted religions have no weighting, so the religious head makes his own call. If a crusade is successful, the target of the crusade goes to the nation who has the highest % contribution. Reddit - How to form a Crusader State Explained Would love to hear stories. Rulers can pledge themselves to the crusade either at the announcement, or at any point during the next two years, after which they will be obligated to declare war on the defending realm when the crusade begins. It is also handy to try to get all your vassals to have the crusader trait since the bonus of 30 to relations for characters with the same trait as well as the 25 for church characters can increase relations by up to 55 for church characters who have the crusader trait. To me, the Northern Crusades mechanics would be best used for the norselands of Superior. By swapping army commanders, you can ensure that your direct vassals and heirs gain the trait as well. The penalty disappears upon joining the crusade, and is replaced with a bonus. Beneficiaries must be: The beneficiary of the highest contributor will get the kingdom title. The target for the GHW must meet the following criteria: Players can request crusades by right-clicking on an independent ruler, selecting "Request Crusade", and then selecting one of the kingdoms controlled by the ruler. CK2+ One example of a mod not on the Steam Workshop, CK2+ is a massive overhaul that changes every aspect of the game from the map to core mechanics to events. The Orthodox Church however, will not be subject to that because the Eumenical Patriarchy never issues a crusade. While early in the game as in 1070's crusades might also be ordered to take a pagan nation. THEM 18,000. Additionally, the Fylkir and the High Priests can declare Great Holy Wars on Pagans not of the same religion. This Crusader Kings II Wiki is a repository of Crusader Kings II related knowledge, useful for both new and experienced players and for modders. CK2: Holy Fury - HIP #1 - The Latin Empire - The Dawn Of A New Era - … This section includes materials relating to earlier crusades to Livonia (Southern Baltic) and the later crusades to Prussia (Northern Baltic). If the holder of the kingdom is not of the religion of the attackers but is involved in wars besides the crusade, the kingdom title will not be granted, though all vassal titles will. As the Pope blames everyone for faithlessness, everyone will lose 100 piety. You can decide to incorporate the state into your kingdom, abdicate your throne to rule over the new state or put your Crusade Beneficiary in charge (you can then play as the Crusade Beneficiary). Northern Crusade Bloodline Depending on Founder Gender Requirements: Wins three Northern Crusade (i.e. Even if he has a lousy marshal skill, participating in a crusade will net him the crusader trait...which will be very useful when you eventually take over as him. Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article.At least some were last verified for version 3.0. If you won the crusade, there is a chance that the Caliph will issue a jihad against the nation who won the crusade. However, no Crusades or Jihads will ever start before 900 AD. They have more than regular crusades, with the 4th crusades always succeeding, and destroying the Byzantines and creating the Latin Empire, and then the Northern Crusade and Reconquista, and 5 Holy orders to succeed. Catharism is a Christian dualist movement that thrived in some areas of Southern Europe, particularly northern Italy, northern Spain and southern France, former Occitania and Catalonia, between the 12th and 14th centuries. The more you fight, and the more soldiers who die in battles lead by you, the higher your % contribution climbs. Engage in courtly intrigue, dynastic struggles, and holy warfare in mediæval Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and India. That said, if your ruler/heir does have a high marshal skill, keeping them as generals can net them a TON of piety when they win battles during a crusade. Jihads are similar to a Crusade in that it orders either Sunni or Shia nations to wage war against the infidels, most likely Christian nations, both Catholic or Orthodox. Seek out enemy doomstacks with your own and engage early and often. When the time comes to crusade (about 2 years after the date the Pope calls it), if the relative strength of all participants of the upcoming crusade is less than 75% of all those supporting the target, the Pope will be very disappointed and cancel the crusade. Rulers of other religions should avoid triggering early Crusades as many Catholic holy orders are found at the same time, allowing pious Catholic rulers to hire troops for their defence against heretics and infidels. Now is the time for greatness. There was no crusade where like the king of France, England, Castile, or HRE emperor would all join in one crusade, as we see it in CK2 all time. Cathar beliefs vary between communities because Catharism was initially taught by ascetic priests who had set few guidelines. Glory! Ironically, it is the capturing of provinces that increases the crusade warscore the most, while winning individual battles does little. Dynasty – Events concerning a character's dynasty; Evil – These are events that are "evil", since they mostly cause ill effects in provinces. If the Pope is a vassal, the liege has to allow external Vassal Wars for the option to appear. The option will seemingly not appear if the Pope has any raised levies, personal or realm(?). After a month or so, an event will trigger that will net you the crusader trait. For example, the Catholic Pope will usually call a crusade for Italy rather than Jerusalem if both are held by non-Christians. Targets of the crusade usually have done things diplomatically that ruins the politics of a certain nation. Crusader Kings II is an historical grand strategy video game for PC and Mac published by Paradox Interactive. If the war is won, rulers of the attacking religion within the kingdom's de jure borders, and all rulers outside the de jure borders but within the de facto borders, are vassalized; all other titles are usurped. What happens with the seized land depends on the status of the kingdom title. During a crusade, if you are at least a duke and you occupy all the titles of a duchy that is not part of the kingdom target by the crusade (for example, if the crusade is for Jerusalem and you siege a duchy in Egypt or Syria), you can take a title decision (click on the crest of the province you want to be the new state's capital) and form the crusader state. Hovering the mouse over the banner also gives information about the crusade, especially who its top contributors are at the moment. It will pop up when you decide to join the crusade. They are almost ALL something like US 2,500 vs. If the relevant kingdom exists and the title holder is of the same religion as the attackers, he receives all seized titles. Honor! Players have the option to take the titles for themselves instead of for a beneficiary. Crusader Kings II Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Archived [CK2] How to Win (or even Fight) a Crusade? During the two year waiting period, the player can spend piety to change the target of the crusade, and participating rulers can donate gold and artifacts to a war chest. 100% Upvoted. To a Catholic nation that does not follow the Crusade order, the opinion of the Pope will usually be decreased by -15 and to those who follow, will get an increase of +20. If your ruler and/or heir has a lousy marshal skill, simply make them generals and land your army in a province that is part of the crusade, but not near enemy armies. However, by opening two such decision windows at the same time it is possible to take a different decision with each duchy: one can be granted to your Crusade Beneficiary, whilst the second can be incorporated into your kingdom. Either of the two Caliphs can and probably will call a jihad, so you need to be prepared for a counterattack. Posted by 8 years ago. Once the holder is not at war, it can be usurped. After the Northern Crusades start, the Teutons will potentially ask a local ruler for help, receive event troops and start marching upon the Duchy they fight for. All beneficiaries who gain titles gain a flag that ensures all dynasty members gain +1 monthly piety during their lifetime. One Proud Bavarian 32,461 views Once you and/or your heir have the trait, you can safely replace them with more competent generals and start crusading properly. Music from Holy Fury DLC from Crusader Kings 2. For example, Christians who arrive in the target kingdom can gain the Crusader trait. The crusader trait is a very desirable trait for any character to have. 30:13. ,,,_Jihads_and_Great_Holy_Wars&oldid=42150. Also, note that any heretic nation can be a target of a Crusade, so keep Religious authority high to not become a heretic. Faith! Arnold of Lübeck. Crusades, Jihads, and Great Holy Wars are wars called by religious heads. [CK2] How to Win (or even Fight) a Crusade? Crusader Kings 2 est un jeu vidéo de grande stratégie, s'inscrivant dans le genre wargame, développé par le studio suédois Paradox Development Studio et édité par Paradox Interactive, sorti le 14 février 2012. Each participant is encouraged to select a dynasty member as their crusade beneficiary. The Northern Crusades or Baltic Crusades were crusades undertaken by the Catholic kings of Denmark and Sweden, the German Livonian and Teutonic military orders, and their allies against the pagan peoples of Northern Europe around the southern and eastern shores of the Baltic Sea. So if any catholic claimant exists. On a victorious crusade, the contents of the war chest, along with land and titles, will be granted to the participants of the crusade based on their war contribution. This is only recommended if your ruler is a legitimately competent general. I can't exit the northern crusade iirc, it's an event not like a regular crusade, i joined by accident and now i'm over 4 generations into the war with nothing happening. Il s'agit de la suite logique du premier opus, Crusader Kings sorti en 2004. I… Great Holy Wars become available to different religions depending on certain criteria. Should they win that war, they will become the Teutonic State and start actively pacifying the region. Hi, I am trying to get the pope to declare a crusade on the Sunni Arabian empire in my KoJ game, crusades have been unlocked and the same pope who declared the start of crusades has fought and won 7 crusades in the span of 25 years. CK2 HIP - The Northern Crusades #1 - Chosen By Perkunas - Duration: 30:13. All credit goes to Paradox Interactive and Andreas Waldetoft Where to put the Iberian reconquest mechanics was a bit harder for me for two reasons. The kingdom recipient also gains the Crusader King/Queen trait, giving +35 same religion opinion and other benefits, but disqualifying them from most elections. Thrace or Ancyra not controlled by Christians OR, Neither Athens nor Corinth controlled by Christians, Rome controlled by non-Christian or by heretic, Provence, Toulouse, or Paris controlled by non-Christian, Cologne (Köln) or Braunschweig Christian but controlled by non-Christian, Baghdad, Damascus or Cairo controlled by non-Muslim, Marrakech, Tunis or Al Djazair (Algiers) controlled by non-Muslim, Either Christian Crusades or Muslim Jihads unlocked, Hover the religion icon on any character screen to see when their religion can next call a GHW, Catholic/Fraticelli cannot call Crusades if the Schism has been mended, Catholic/Fraticelli popes cannot declare another crusade within 10 years of personally cancelling a Crusade for insufficient pledges (? Caliphs, however, cannot declare Jihads against Muslims of other denominations, unlike Holy Wars. In Crusader Kings II, the Crusades are different in that their aim is to conquer holdings within a specific de jure kingdom, with the gains being granted to the catholic ruler holding the kingdom, or, if the kingdom is not held by a catholic, to the ruler contributing most to the war. This even counts for battles that you lose. The Teutonic Knights were regarded as one of the most skilled military organizations in the world. The Teutons have been granted a Northern crusade against pagans. A character must be leading troops stationed in a provinces that is part of the crusade's target kingdom. The widespread northern enthusiasm for the Crusade was partially inspired by a papal decree permitting the confiscation of lands owned by Cathars and their supporters. save hide report. The religion of the Pope who called the crusade (Catholic or Fraticelli) will lose 10% MA for 10 years. have a Crusade beneficiary or someone who has the potential to become a Crusade Beneficiary, does not have the character modifier Settled Crusaders (starts when you create a Crusader state and lasts 15 years), the duchy must be coastal or neighbour a non-heretical Christian, the duchy must not be the target of the Crusade. The Rust Cultists are also strong possibility. For this reason alone, it is recommended to join all crusades called, even if the pope is likely to lose or you are unlikely to be the top contributor. The Northern Crusades or Baltic Crusades were Christian colonization and Christianization campaigns undertaken by Catholic Christian military orders and kingdoms, primarily against the pagan Baltic, Finnic and West Slavic peoples around the southern and eastern shores of the Baltic Sea, and to a lesser extent also against Orthodox Christian Slavs (). When ol' Pope-y gets a bee in his bonnet and starts a crusade, I sign up. This angered not only the lords of the south but also the French King, who was at least nominally the suzerain of the lords whose lands were now open to seizure. All rulers of the religion are called on to cooperate in conquering a de jure kingdom from a religious enemy. Culture conversion events – Events concerning the conversion of yourself or others to a different culture. Yet I have an option to ask for help with northern pagans, which I dont need. The Northern Crusades. It takes me a bit to get my troops and boats together, and before I head out, I peak at the Warscore, and the list of battles. share. 209k In my game we barely managed to beat back the Northern Crusade. In addition to that, a new crusade cannot be called for a period of time. As such a new Crusade Beneficiary should be chosen for the continuing Crusade. Every once in a while, the Pope will order a Crusade to the Catholic nations to fight an infidel, usually to a Muslim nation. This thread is archived. The Teutonic Order is a German holy order of knights which was founded in Acre. The Crusades in the Middle Ages were wars that were ordered by the Pope of the Catholic Church for Catholic's to fight the infidels in the name of Christ, and those who succeeded will be given remission for sins, in order to gain access to heaven. The ideal situation has you hunting down and crushing the enemy with your army, while your crusading allies park their armies in various provinces and slowly capture territory. If the Great Schism has been mended, neither the Catholic nor Fraticelli Popes can call Crusades. If they lose, they will wait for some more years, before re-launching the Northern Crusades once more. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Pope calls for a Crusade to protect the Christians in the Holy Land even as he refuses to relinquish control over the investiture of bishops - and their riches. La version Mac OS X a vu le jour le 24 mai 2012, la version Linux est quant à elle sortie le 14 janvier 2013. For this reason, it is almost impossible for female characters to get the crusader trait unless you have some kind of Cognatic inheritance and your female ruler is leading troops during the Crusade. Welcome to the Holy Order of Teutonic Knights! The most powerful way to gain contribution is to fight enemy armies. The Crusades in the Middle Ages were wars that were ordered by the Pope of the Catholic Church for Catholic's to fight the infidels in the name of Christ, and those who succeeded will be given remission for sins, in order to gain access to heaven. What to do here? The first crusade, which was also the most succesful one, didnt even have any kings directly involved in it. Achetez neuf ou d'occasion Expand your demesne and secure the future of your dynasty. However, selecting such a self-serving stance incurs a -20 opinion penalty with the Pope for the next 20 years, which will not go away if the player changes their stance. It is not even near the next crusade allowed date. Just curious to see if any of you all have had games where crusades were very successful. Due to the 'Settled Crusaders' character modifier, it is not possible to create more than one Crusader State at once or a Crusader State larger than a single duchy, even if multiple valid neighbouring duchies are occupied. 6. Religious heads will usually call GHWs on the title with the highest weight that is not controlled by their religion. Beneficiaries of other contributors will be given lower titles (duchies, counties, minor castles) in order of contribution. For example: If the Sultanate of Rum defeats Georgia and takes Derbent, then it is possible for a crusade to happen so Derbent goes to Catholic hands. I personally haven't but I haven't played much compared to many of you all. This includes the pope. The casus belli for all the religions is the same, but has a different name and are called by a different character depending on the attacker's religion: The following religions do not have a crusade equivalent: All religions can call crusades against infidels, heretics of the religion, or the parent religion (for heretics). If there is no same-faith holder, the land will be given to a claimant determined by the strength of the claim and the claimant's participation in the Crusade. Seconde extension sortie le 16 octobre 2012, Legacy of Rome ajoute plusieurs événements et décisions pour l'Empire byzantin tels qu… For instance, Catholic crusades will start by default in the late 11th century (as they did historically), but they can be called earlier if key Christian sites are in danger (based on the religion of the top liege). Crusade – All of the events related to Crusades. If a nation/you finished and won the crusade, you will get the land that is targeted and the de jure duchy that is attached to it. You do get some contribution % for capturing provinces, but it is very small compared to the points you get for fighting active battles. For example, if the target is Egypt in the 13th century, 13th century France will need some help from other nations like Scotland or the Holy Roman Empire to assist in that crusade. crusade will get a 'crusade related' bloodline. Noté /5. Close. Best Latin: Arnoldi chronica Slavorum, ed. Note that new mechanics have been added to Catholic/Fraticelli crusades with Patch 3.0, thus distinguishing them from other GHWs. Not only does it give you +2 marshal, it increases your relationship with any church characters by 25 as well as increasing it by 30 with other characters who have the crusader trait. From the moment of the call until the crusade ends, there is a special menu, the crusade screen (see 3., below). Can you achieve fame and fortune for your noble family, or will your names be forgotten to history? ), Target is infidel, or heretic vs parent religion, or pagan vs any, Target controls at least 6 counties in the selected de jure kingdom, and also actually possesses the target kingdom title. The vassals of any independent ruler will get a relations penalty with their liege if the ruler chooses not to join the crusade, and this penalty is even larger with the clergy. When playing from a Random World (or Shattered World) with randomized religion names, GHWs are instead unlocked when the year is at least 1100 and there are at least five independent landed king+ rulers. Join me in a late-game tribal game in which we must repel the Northern Crusades or perish. 22 comments. Another arena for the crusades, besides the traditional campaigns to capture Jerusalem and other Middle East cities from Muslim control from the late 11th century CE onwards, was the Baltic and those areas bordering German territories which continued to be pagan. They can retract the pledge at any point, but doing so will incur a relations drop with the Pope. The pagan head has died and replaced multiple times now, even when there's no heir to the title and same goes for the Templar head #3. flicking . Note that simply joining a crusade is not enough to gain the crusader trait. In Crusader Kings II, the Crusades are different in that their aim is to conquer holdings within a specific de jure kingdom, with the gains being granted to the catholic ruler … The 'Crusader Lord' bloodline reduces the cost of establishing a Crusader State to 300 prestige and 100 gold. primarily undertaken by Christian military orders and the kingdoms that were against the Slavic You can decide to incorporate the … Your allies will generate the warscore needed to win the crusade, and you'll get the contribution % needed to be awarded the kingdom. Beware however, you will gain holdings that is not a barony also,make them a new vassal so you don't have a rebellion later, and if the duchy fell to other vassal's hand, make sure you keep them happy because the long distance between them and you can cause a problem. When the religious head calls a crusade, all rulers will be notified and all rulers of the attacking religion will be pressured to join the war effort. After the loss of Jerusalem the order was invited north by the Polish king's vassal - Konrad of … A few % points can mean the difference between you getting awared a shiny new kingdom, and some other nation getting the titles. As with the Crusades in the Levant, rulers seized the opportunity to combine the religious benefits of crusading - crusaders had their sins remitted - with the thirst for territorial expansion and material wealth in the form of land, furs, amber, and slaves. The Northern Crusades by Eric Christiansen presents a detailed account of the events of the crusades in the Baltic. This page was last edited on 23 August 2020, at 14:45. Like stable Kingdom of Jerusalem and then some. One Proud Bavarian 19,588 views. Note that if a crusade is called on a kingdom that is already owned by a catholic nation, that nation will gain all land from the crusade, regardless of contribution % scores. The Teutons are an order of a total of one person and no land and no levies. The Europeans just didnt coordinate among each other like that, since there was too much politics and grievances between them. If closed, it can be accessed again by clicking on the banner that will hang from your character portrait (only before and during crusade). Below is a list of weights for various titles for each religion. WAR! During a crusade, if you are at least a duke and you occupy all the titles of a duchy that is not part of the kingdom target by the crusade (for example, if the crusade is for Jerusalem and you siege a duchy in Egypt or Syria), you can take a title decision (click on the crest of the province you want to be the new state's capital) and form the crusader state. Teutonic Northern Crusade Interesting event I havent seen before. Little headway is made against them normally and one of the Catholic holy orders can fill in for the Knights Teutonic. Crusader Kings II is a grand strategy game with RPG elements developed by Paradox Development Studio. 12 videos Play all CK2 (The Northern Crusades) One Proud Bavarian CK2: Holy Fury - HIP #1 - The Latin Empire - The Dawn Of A New Era - Duration: 31:02. Nov 26, 2019 @ 12:22pm SuperChair, I think you are screwed. By leading troops within the crusade target, characters can gain a religion-specific trait that improves martial skill and give permanent opinion bonuses with all clergy and other characters who share the trait. The non-Christian people who were objects of the campaigns at various dates included: 1. the Polabian Wends, Sorbs, and Obotrites between the Elbe and Oder rivers (by the Saxons, Danes, and Poles, beginning with the Wendish Crusadein 1147) 2. the peoples of (present-day) Finland i… Note also that the Sunni Caliphate works similarly like the Papacy. Or if your nation is very powerful with massive levies ready to be deployed like the Holy Roman Empire, you can go solo and defeat the target alone. The pope has 100 relation with me and I have papal investiture, he is also not a vassal of anyone and landed. (Checked for bön). If the targeted kingdom does not exist, it is created for free and given to the victor. … Once a Crusader State has been granted to your Crusade Beneficiary they will become landed as a tributary Duke/Duchess to you realm. When a Crusade is called, it is highly recommended to get allies to join, especially if the target of a Crusade is extremely powerful. The official starting point for the Northern Crusades was Pope Celestine III's call in 1193; but the Christian kingdoms of Scandinavia and the Holy Roman Empirehad begun moving to subjugate their pagan neighbors even earlier. The following has been generously provided by Gregory Leighton (Cardiff) Livonia. Retrouvez The Northern Crusades: Second Edition et des millions de livres en stock sur With patch 3.0 installed, crusades begin two years after the date the Pope calls them. If you have a male heir who is 16 or older, it is advised you bring him along for the crusade as well. The primary beneficiary of the first successful normal (not northern crusade/children's crusade etc.) In the First Crusade only, the recipient also founds the Crusade Lord bloodline.