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Have you ever sent someone to training or provided coaching just to have them revert back to old behaviors? This is called Drift. Many times when addressing an audience, I ask when intention and habit meet, which one usually wins? Habit. (read more)

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I worked with a 600 person call center of a major corporation. We were focusing on the importance of the greeting and the impact it made on the conversation. Have you ever called somewhere and could just tell that person was having a bad day? Well in this case, someone on one end of the floor started using a different greeting and it was fascinating how it just spread across the department. (read more)

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I'm working with a client that used to say, "no good deed goes unpunished". It seemed that no matter what was tried, whether it be an extra vacation day, turkeys for Thanksgiving or paying for someone's commute to work, somebody else would take offense or create drama around the situation. (read more)